Sunday, November 23, 2008

Some Useful Views And SPs in Sql Server.

Here is the good collection of views and Store Procedure which can be very useful.
Applicable for Sql Server 2005 and +

VIEWS : To use all the views you just need to do SELECT * FROM VIEW_NAME
e.g SELECT * FROM sys.databases

  • sys.databases : Lists all the databases in Sql Server.
  • sys.tables : Lists all the Tables in the database.
  • sys.views : Lists all the views in the database.
  • sys.procedures : Lists all the Procedures in the database.
  • sys.triggers : Lists all the Triggers in the database.

  • sys.columns : Lists all the columns of tables in database.
  • sys.syscolumns : Lists all the columns in database including of those SP.
  • sys.key_constraints : Lists all primary key or unique constraints in database. For primary key TYPE = 'PK' and for unique keys TYPE = 'UQ'
  • sys.check_constraints : Lists all the Check Constraints in the database.
  • sys.default_constraints : Lists all the Default Constarints in the database.
  • sys.foreign_keys : Lists all the Foreign Keys in the database.

  • sys.syslogins : Lists all the login names in server.
  • sys.sql_logins : Lists all the Sql Authentication Logins in server.
  • sys.sysusers : Lists all the users in database.

-- I'll Add some more very soon.

- Mangal Pardeshi.

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