Friday, February 20, 2009

SQL Server Versions and Editions.

Lets see how to find which Sql Server Version is installed and Service Packs applied on your machine-

To know Execute

SELECT @@version

If you are on Sql Server 2000 or later use following which will give you a more elegant output -

SELECT SERVERPROPERTY('productversion') as VersioNumber
,SERVERPROPERTY ('productlevel') as SPLevel
,SERVERPROPERTY ('edition') as ServerEdition

And here is detailed chart which will show you SQL Server version numbers and the corresponding product or service pack level -

Sr NoVersion NumberReleaseSP Level Server 2008RTM
---- Server 2005RTM Server 2005SP1 Server 2005SP2 Server 2005SP3
---- Server 2000RTM Server 2000SP1 Server 2000SP2 Server 2000SP3 Server 2000SP4
---- Server 7.0RTM Server 7.0SP1 Server 7.0SP2 Server 7.0SP3 Server 7.0SP4
6.516.50.201.00SQL Server 6.5RTM
6.526.50.213.00SQL Server 6.5SP1
6.536.50.240.00SQL Server 6.5SP2
6.546.50.258.00SQL Server 6.5SP3
6.556.50.281.00SQL Server 6.5SP4
6.566.50.415.00SQL Server 6.5SP5
6.576.50.416.00SQL Server 6.5SP5a
6.586.50.479.00SQL Server 6.5SP5a update
---- Server 6.0RTM Server 6.0SP1 Server 6.0SP2 Server 6.0SP3

- Mangal Pardeshi

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