Friday, August 7, 2009

TSQL Challenges

I just like to thank Jacob Sebastian who is a fellow SQL Server MVP and founder of the for offering me an opportunity to be part of the TSQL Challenges team. I’m really happy to be a part of a team consists of people like Jacob, Alejandro Messa, Peter Larsson (all 3 are SQL Server MVPs), Adam Haines (a moderator of MSDN SQL Server forums), Rui Carvalho and many other talented people.

Here is a brief description about TSQL Challenges site: TSQL Challenges constantly aim at helping people to enhance their SET based query writing skills. With TSQL Challenges, sometimes you learn stuff that you don’t know, sometimes you will see better ways of doing stuff that you already know and sometimes you will be able to use your expertise to help others to learn TSQL querying skills. Even SQL Server experts love TSQL Challenges because every challenge inspires them to come up with new better ways of solving the given problem.

The Mission: The entire “TSQL Challenge” team will focus on fulfilling our mission; “helping people to enhance their SET based query writing skills”. We will come up with more and more interesting TSQL Challenges that encourages you to look for alternate logics and inspires you to think outside the regular thought process.

I would like to invite my readers to participate in a TSQL Challenge -

Also like to thank Jacob again for a warm welcome and kind word he has put in introduction post - Introducing new “TSQL Challenge” Team Members

So I hope I will come with up some interesting SQL puzzles that will challenge your SQL skills and also you will a fun solving them.


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